St Albans Preschool

St Albans PreSchool

Parents are the primary educators of their children, and here at Mount Carmel Kindergarten preschool we work with each and every parent to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcomes for your child. Every child is different, and every child is unique. Every child who comes though our door is treated as unique, and this means allowing each child to let his or her personality shine through and allowing them to develop at their own pace.

We are a Preschool in St Albans with an excellent reputation with both state and private schools in preparing children for the next key stage in their lives. For parents, the most important thing is being able to drop their child or children off at nursery with the peace of mind that their child will be well cared for.

Our core philosophy is that happy children are successful learners. Our curriculum is balanced so that children are familiar with structure and routine but are still offered plenty of opportunities for play, activity, and exploration. By providing children with a stimulating, positive, encouraging, safe, and friendly environment then they will feel confident in their ability to explore new things, interact, socialise, and learn through new activities and experiences.

As a leading Pre-School nursery in St Albans, we look forward to getting to know your child and helping to shape their early years before they head off to school.

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There is nothing more I could want from a preschool. It is a nurturing environment where the children learn, have fun and make friends.

– Margaret S

I would wholeheartedly recommend Mount Carmel to any parent. I really don’t think it possible to find a more caring, secure and stimulating environment for a pre-school child.

– Clare

My son is quite simply very happy here and looks forward to going to preschool. I don’t think he could have had a better preparation for ‘Big School’ and I feel Mount Carmel is key in helping him towards this – on both an academic and emotional level.

– Deborah W