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Baby brains

The nursery has been going ga-ga these past few weeks with babies on the minds of many of the children. In circle time sessions, preschool groups have looked at pregnancy scans brought in by one ...
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Snow penguins

Let it snow

With the temperature dropping over the past two weeks we were all counting down the days to the big freeze! On Friday morning, we awoke to a winter wonderland with the snow making the nursery ...
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Lots of books

Book worms

We have kicked off the new term with a new theme of “Stories: Old and New”. The children have been sharing their favourite stories with us during circle time sessions and it’s clear that many ...
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Christmas decorations

Deck the halls

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and the children have been working like little elves making decorations in readiness for the big day.  They have made a number of different Christmas tree decorations ...
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Santa sleigh

Stars in their eyes

The stage was set, the curtains drawn and our little stars were ready to make their acting debuts.  On Monday we held our Nativity play to an audience of proud parents, grandparents, friends and family.  ...
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The show must go on!

It wouldn’t be showbiz without last minute rehearsals to ensure our littles actors are ready for their big day on Monday. Two weeks ago we were slightly concerned that this year’s show was going to be ...
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Bread hedgehogs


Over the past two weeks the children have been talking about woodland animals and have impressed us with their understanding of what nocturnal and hibernation means.  During our cooking session the children baked a Mount ...
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Fish bowl

Animal antics

They say you shouldn’t work with animals and children - well this week we did both! Pets week was a roaring success with the largest variety of animals visiting the nursery that we have ever ...
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Children watching diggers

Changing landscapes

Over the last few weeks the children have witnessed a transformation during their country walks. The leaves on the trees have changed colour and litter the grass, and the children have watched squirrels collecting acorns ...
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Brett Lenman Photography

Smells and Smiles

We have been learning about our bodies and had a special visit from Bob, our very own life sized skeleton! The children loved using the light box to look at X-rays and compare the pictures ...
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