Mount Carmel Kindergarten
Verulam Playing Fields, 100a Sandpit Lane
St Albans, AL4 0BX

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A Cherished St Albans Nursery

Mount Carmel Kindergarten is a leading St Albans Nursery school, providing preschool education and day care provision for children aged 2-5yrs.  We have developed a unique approach to early years education, offer flexible hours of attendance, have purpose built premises in a green belt location and have been established in St Albans since 1985.

But don’t just take our word for it – here is what some of our parents had to say about us.

What we offer:
Nursery and preschool


Our unique “carousel” method of early years education settles children and enhances their learning by offering them with a broad range of learning experiences in every session.

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We offer a unique alternative to traditional day care by providing flexible attendance – combining quality pre-school education with extended hours and optional holiday clubs.

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We have our own purpose built Norwegian log cabin divided into four activity rooms and a large all weather garden.  Our green belt location also offers access to country walks and woodland activities.

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Lucia and Franco Federici, themselves parents of 10 children, have run the school since 1985.  Most families hear about us through personal recommendation and  some even attended themselves as children.

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What our parents say
Take a look at some of the recent reviews from current parents on the independent website Daynurseries online reviews.
Over 90 parents have already shared their thoughts, giving Mount Carmel Kindergarten an overall rating of 10 out of 10
daynurseries Recommended Top 10 Nursery 2016 Award Winning Nursery Award Winning St Albans Nursery

Choosing a St Albans Nursery

Childcare for your little one is an important decision, whether you are considering a St Albans Nursery, Childminder or Nanny.

Day nurseries are a childcare centres where the staff care for children through their early years, up until the age of four or five. It’s a crucial time in a child’s formative years, and the experiences children have at nursery school may surely affect how they approach their time at school and the experiences they have there.

St Albans NurseryAs a parent, it’s best to visit a handful of different nurseries in St Albans in order to find one which you and your child are happy and comfortable with. Personal recommendation is always a good sign, and the best nurseries will be recommended to you by other parents, so it’s always good to ask around for some opinions and feedback.

To find a review on a St Albans Nursery, visit Day Nurseries website for parents reviews.

Your own first impressions are important too. Do you feel the nursery has a warm and welcoming atmosphere? Do the children look happy and fully-occupied? Is it clean and safe, does it have good resources?

We pride ourself on being one of the best nurseries in St Albans. An outstanding provider of day care, we’re dedicated to ensuring your child is happy while in our care.

Looking for a St Albans Preschool?

St Albans NurseryIs your child at the age to begin preschool? Have you so far struggled to find a day care nursery or preschool within your preferred area, which is right for you and your child? If you’re looking for nurseries in St Albans then you need look no further than Mount Carmel Kindergarten.

A main feature of daily life for the children in our nursery is that they get to experience and learn from a wide range of activities. With four activity rooms and a garden, there’s much to entertain and occupy the children. We also organise country walks in the surrounding countryside, woodland activities and a host of sporting events. If you want the best for your child, and you want them to thrive in a happy environment where the routine is varied and structure, then our team can offer what you need.

Each child is given the care and attention they need in our nursery, and each child is encouraged to develop at their own pace.

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