Meet the staff

Mount Carmel Kindergarten is a family run nursery school and our staff form part of this family.  We pride ourself on the diversity of our staff team and the broad range of experiences they bring to the setting.

Lucia Federici


Lucia established Mount Carmel Kindergarten with her husband Franco in 1985.  A mother of ten children herself she is a considered by many a guru in the Early Years sector.

Qualifications: Early Years Professional Status (2009), BA (Hons) Educational Studies 2007.

Franco Federici


Franco deals with the administration, fee enquiries and general maintenance of the nursery school.   He grew up in Rome and has a passion for pizza (he even installed a wood burning pizza oven in his kitchen).

Gabriella Spooner


Gabriella Spooner (née Federici) has followed in her mother’s footsteps and worked in Early Years since leaving school.  With a love of singing and dancing she is a member of the St Albans Musical Theatre Company and helps with the nursery’s Nativity preparations.

Qualifications: Early Years Professional Status 2013, BA (Hons) Educational Studies and Early Years (2013)

Roberto Federici


Roberto had initially pursued a career in law and qualified as a Solicitor in 2014. However, not enthused about a lifetime behind an office desk he retrained as an Early Years Teacher and joined the family business. Roberto brings a male perspective into the nursery and has enhanced the parents’ experience through introducing online learning journals, weekly blogs and social media.

Qualifications: Early Years Teacher Status (2015), Solicitor (non-practising), LLB Law (2010).

Beata Crew-Gee (Mrs Bee)

Mrs Bee joined Mount Carmel in 2008.  She is fluent in four languages (English, Polish, Italian and French) and particularly enjoys helping children with English as an additional language.   Mrs Bee both plays and teaches guitar and regularly accompanies the children during singing time.

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Early Years

Natalie Rayment (Miss Natalie)

Miss Natalie joined Mount Carmel in 2008.  She organises one to one sessions with the preschool children to develop their maths, literacy and reading skills in the classroom.  Outside of nursery she runs her own face painting company which is a big hit at our holiday club.  She also has an interest for indoor skydiving!

Qualifications: BA (Hons) Educational Studies (2014)

Leigh Thompson

Miss Thompson joined Mount Carmel in 2011.  Her calm and patient manner helps children to feel secure and settled and she is particularly skilled at supporting children with behavioural issues.  Miss Thompson finds any excuse to dress up as Elsa from Frozen despite being told that she needs to let it go!

Qualifications: NVQ Level 3 Childcare

Stacey Cannell

Mrs Cannell joined Mount Carmel in 2012.  She is a mother to two girls and brings her insight as a parent when supporting families at the nursery.  Mrs Cannell loves to be outdoors, riding horses or walking her dog, and shares this interest with the children at every opportunity.

Qualifications: Currently undertaking CACHE Level 3 Childcare

Andrea Sopkova

Miss Sopkova joined Mount Carmel in 2006.  During the afternoon session she enjoys taking the children on country walks and encouraging creative play through ‘bear hunts’ and exploration of the fairy woods.  In her spare time she is an experienced dancer and loves to salsa!

Qualifications: NVQ Level 3 Childcare

Tegan Beechey

Mrs Beechey joined Mount Carmel in 2015.  She has a natural affinity with children and enhances their experience with her energy and enthusiasm. Outside of nursery Mrs Beechey is busy working her magic as a tour guide at Harry Potter World.

Qualifications: Currently undertaking CACHE Level 3 Childcare.

Monika Warpechowska

Miss Monika joined Mount Carmel in 2015.  She is very experienced in the early years and has supported children’s development in settings all over Europe including Italy, Germany and her home country Poland.  Miss Monika speaks many languages (Polish, Italian and Russian to name a few) and teaches English at the Polish Saturday School at Nicholas Breakspear.  In her spare time she loves dancing, rollerskating and lots and lots of reading!

Education: Masters in Social Pedagogy (2004), BA (Hons) Resocialisation Pedagogy (2002)

Megan Richards

Miss Richards joined Mount Carmel in 2016.  She has been a dancer since the age of 5 and has competed in events around the country, bagging her over 50 trophies in disciplines including street, ballet, tap and modern.  Miss Richards brings her energy and enthusiasm into everything she does in the nursery, particularly when leading dance activities in the gym.


Qualifications: Currently undertaking CACHE Level 3 Childcare.