The great outdoors

Basket swing

With the Summer term in full swing the outdoors is where all the children have enjoyed being the most.  Our new swing-set was opened last week and has been a big hit with all (at some points we had children queuing for their turn on the basket swing).  They have also loved playing on the new stretch of artificial lawn which is surprisingly springy underfoot and the children have been taking their shoes and socks off to experience what it feels like.

On Friday’s country walk we spent the morning on the field collecting sticks for den building, making nests out of grass and flowers and looking for mini beasts with magnifying glasses.  We also brought the toy grabbers to collect litter from the bushes and talked about the importance of caring for our natural environment.  With the weather on our side we gave the children their morning snack outside on picnic blankets.  One boy wasn’t satisfied with the choice of bananas, apples and carrots and told us that “this isn’t a proper picnic”!

In the Art-room the children have been keeping an eye on some very hungry caterpillars that have been steadily growing over the past two weeks.  On Thursday they were excited to see that a number of the caterpillars had climbed to the top of the jar and encased themselves in a chrysalis.  By Friday afternoon all of the caterpillars were wrapped up snuggly and undergoing their metamorphosis into butterflies.

A big thank you to all of you who have brought in your recycled junk for our ongoing junk modelling activities.  You may have noticed the evolving 3D display in the Art-room which we are continuing to add to as the children build their models.  Please continue to bring in small recyclable materials for our craft sessions (anything which fits into a shoebox is ideal).

Italian focaccia inspired this week’s cooking session with Mrs Federici as the children were making Rosemary bread rolls.  They used scissors to cut the fresh rosemary and kneaded it into the dough.  One boy questioned her choice of ingredients and exclaimed “I don’t want grass in my one”!

Our display in the classroom features the logos of the different schools which the preschool children will be attending.  Each child has written their name next to their new school and this has prompted many of them to seek out and talk to the other children that will be going with them.  Also in the classroom the children have been taking part in Pirate Pete’s Puzzle challenge where they have to complete 4 puzzles of increasing difficulty to get a prize.  This has been well received by the children and sparked their enthusiasm for completing puzzles and led to two children completing a 64 piece puzzle completely unaided by adults.

Next week’s sound is U (“uh”) as in umbrella.



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