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Fish bowl

Animal antics

They say you shouldn’t work with animals and children - well this week we did both! Pets week was a roaring success with the largest variety of animals visiting the nursery that we have ever ...
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Children watching diggers

Changing landscapes

Over the last few weeks the children have witnessed a transformation during their country walks. The leaves on the trees have changed colour and litter the grass, and the children have watched squirrels collecting acorns ...
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Brett Lenman Photography

Smells and Smiles

We have been learning about our bodies and had a special visit from Bob, our very own life sized skeleton! The children loved using the light box to look at X-rays and compare the pictures ...
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Feeling colourful

It’s been a busy two weeks with the children enjoying lots of new activities at the nursery school.  Over the Summer break we developed part of the bark area in the garden into a woodland ...
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New beginnings

As first weeks of term go this has certainly been one of the best we can remember.  We have been very impressed with how well the new children have settled into the nursery and how ...
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Mary's Meals

Onwards and upwards

Things got a little bit emotional this week, what with it being the last week of term.  Throughout the week we held graduation ceremonies for all of the preschool children to mark the end of ...
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Going places

This term we have been focusing on places and in particular those places which have a special connection to our children and their families.  On Friday, one of the Mums came in to give the ...
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Sports day

Summer of Sport

It was the sporting event of the year! Parents were seen queuing out the driveway for a piece of the action and our little athletes were ready to give it their all. On Friday we ...
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Mud pies

Earlier this term we trialled a mud kitchen in the garden, allowing the children to cook up a range of delicacies using pots, pans and other utensils with mud as the main ingredient. Whilst some ...
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Butterfly childs hand

Wow moments

Our morning assembly is a great time for the children to come together just before lunch to sing songs and reflect on their learning that day. Throughout the morning, staff are on the lookout for ...
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