Wow moments!

Nursery maths

As we approach the end of the academic year it is a time to reflect on the journey that all of the children have made with us.  Our sports day on Monday was a perfect illustration of how the preschoolers have developed, not only physically but also in terms of their emotional maturity.  We witnessed excellent sportsmanship, with children patiently waiting their turn and enthusiastically taking part in the events regardless of whether they won or lost. Participating in a sports day in front of parents adds an additional challenge for the children and we were very impressed with how well they coped throughout the morning.  We often wonder where the children get their competitive spirit from, but after watching the parent races it became quite clear!

We are equally pleased with the progress of our younger groups who have developed in their confidence and independence.  We have observed how their play has changed from that being mainly solitary or parallel with the other children, to mostly cooperative and imaginative play in small groups. With this arises new challenges that come when children begin to learn about friendships.  Over the next term parents should expect to hear their children talking more about their friends and the conflicts that naturally occur at this stage in their development.

One of the best things about working in early years education is when we witness a child having a “wow moment”.  These are occasions when a child does or says something out of the ordinary and unexpected.  They can range from a child using the rope swing for the first time to doing up their zip without any help.  This week we were blown away when we noticed one child making mathematical sums out of play dough, not just with numbers 1 to 9 which in itself would be impressive, but using hundreds and thousands!

Thank you for your generous donations and backpacks you have sent in for the Mary’s Meals appeal.  Last year we collected 33 backpacks and so far we have received 11. We’ve got our fingers crossed that we are going to be inundated with filled backpacks this week to help us beat last years total.  If you think you won’t have time to make up a backpack you are welcome to make a donation to this fantastic charity.  Check out the video below to see the journey of your backpacks to children in Africa.

The sound for next week is ‘y’ as in yellow.



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