Sensory overload


This week the children have been exploring feelings, relating to both emotions and how things physically feel.  In our circle time sessions they used flash cards which showed different children’s faces and they had to describe what they thought these children were feeling. In the art room they then had to draw a picture of something that makes them happy. It was lovely to see how many children chose to draw a picture of their mummy and daddy as the thing that makes them happy. However, top marks went to the little girl who drew a picture of  her school jumper and told us that her school makes her happy!

We put on a range of sensory activities for the children to enjoy acting as a talking point to describe how things feel. Our younger children played with slime, a green and gooey liquid, which is as messy as you can imagine. One child said it felt “yucky” and another likened it to the texture of a raw egg. On Thursday morning the sensory fun continued and the children squashed grapes from Mrs Federici’s garden with their bare feet. The quality of wine they made is yet to be determined but we hope that the children look back on 2017 as a good year!

In the art room sessions the children took part in a range of mark making activities aimed at promoting their pencil skills. The preschool children used tracing paper to carefully outline a picture of a boy or girl and we were very impressed with their focus and concentration.  The younger children drew pictures together on enormous pieces of paper which are now displayed in the hall.

The children were spoilt this week in their cooking session on Friday as they got to make two delicious fairy cakes.  The idea was that there would be one for them and one for somebody they loved, although one of the Mums wasn’t so lucky as she informed me that they had both been eaten in the car on the way home.

Next week’s item for show and tell is a food which is good for you.



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