Going places

Watering hole

The children travelled around the globe this week when we had two parents do a talk in assembly about the place that they grew up in. On Monday the children learnt all about Australia and were taught a nursery rhyme called “Home among the gumtree”.  They were treated to some Australian fairy bread which is a treat dating back to the 1920’s served at birthday parties.  On Friday the children listened to stories about the safari in South Africa, held a real ostrich egg and heard the loudest vuvuzela this side of Cape Town! If you would like to come in and talk to the preschool children about the place where you are from or somewhere interesting you have visited then please let us know.

The preschoolers have been preparing for their upcoming sports day race with a number of practice events to familiarise them with what to expect on the day.  We are used to having some tears from children when the race doesn’t go their way, however, this year we were surprised when we asked one boy why he was crying after he had just won a race.  He said “I’m crying because I don’t want to wait for the next race!”

We all made it through the heat wave of 2017 in one piece and the children coped remarkably well during some of the hottest days of the year.  Mrs Federici had planned to make gingerbread men in her cookery session on Tuesday but couldn’t bear having the oven on in the kitchen due to the heat! Instead the children made refreshing cups of jelly which they got to enjoy for snack on Wednesday.  The wind and cloud cover was welcomed on Thursday which brought cooler temperatures to the nursery.  Miss Thompson explained to the children that they didn’t have to wear sun hats on Friday because it was very cloudy.  One of the children in her group exclaimed “I know that already, Carol told me.”  “Who’s Carol?” Miss Thompson asked, to which the girl replied “She’s on the tele!” (referring the weather forecaster!)

Next week’s sound is J for jam.



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