Going Ga-Ga


The children went ga-ga this week as our theme was all things babies. We kicked it off on Monday with an activity where the children gave a bath to our collection of baby dolls. It was lovely to see how gentle and caring the children were towards the baby dolls, and they washed them as if they were real. On Friday, as a special treat, Mr Federici brought in his 3 month old baby for them to help bath during assembly. Many of the children volunteered to pour water over his head and rub his tummy and got very excited when he started kicking his legs and splashing all the water out of the bath.

On Thursday one of our very talented parents, Abigail Harris, came in to lead a singing workshop with the preschool children.  She is a distinguished musician who has won many awards and has built a career teaching singing to both children and adults.  Abigail went through some singing warm up exercises and then introduced them to a number of different songs.  The children were completely engrossed in the singing activities and there was a real buzz in the nursery following the session.  Before she left Abigail sang the famous opera aria “O Mio Babbino Caro” to the children and they were mezmerised as soon as she began singing.  Afterwards one child remarked that it was ‘magical’ and another told her that it made them ‘feel happy’.

This week’s cooking session was a firm favourite with the children as they made Mrs Federici’s authentic Italian pizza.  Using only the finest grade ’00’ flour and freshest ingredients they helped her to roll out the dough and layer on the toppings.

Next week’s sound is c/k as in cake and kite.



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