Back to school

Back to school

Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday we were saying farewell to our preschool children and looking forward to a long break.  Whilst August may have been a bit of a wash out the British weather was not enough to put a stop to the fun at our summer holiday club.  The children had a great time doing arts and crafts, scooter races, bouncy castles, blackberry picking and much more!

We extend a warm welcome to all of the new children and parents who join Mount Carmel this September. We have been very impressed with how well the new children have settled into the nursery routine and how parents have supported us during the settling in process.  For our younger children the focus of the first few weeks is to help them feel safe and secure in the nursery environment for them to develop the confidence to explore the different activities and learning opportunities on offer. Groups leaders make every effort to keep you updated with how your child is doing through Tapestry and in person at collection time, but please do feel that you can contact us at any time if you have any questions about your child or the nursery.

Our preschool children have been learning their new routine which includes a daily assembly and lunchtime with their group. They have also taken part in their first circle time sessions where they are encouraged to speak in front of their peers and also listen to each other when it is not their turn.  It is lovely to see how much they have grown and matured over the 7 week holiday and we can already see a difference in their play and how they cooperate with each other.

Whilst the nation has been mourning the loss of Mel and Sue from this year’s Great British Bake Off, our preschool children were more concerned with who would be taking their Friday morning cookery session.  Fortunately, Mrs Federici wouldn’t miss it for the world and this week had the children squashing, squeezing, punching and kneading some delicious bread rolls.

Everyone should have now been signed up to Tapestry, our online learning journal, and over the year the teachers will be recording their observations and uploading photos to track the children’s progress.  If you have been unable to log in or are having any difficulties with it please let us know.  You are able to download the app for your mobile or tablet which is a more convenient way of viewing your child’s journal.

As well as Tapestry we will use this blog as a way to keep you informed of what has been happening in the past week at nursery.  We also regularly post updates on our Facebook page so keep up to date by liking us by clicking here if you have not done so already.

Next weeks theme is families and the item for the preschoolers’ show and tell is a photo of your family



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