Top Day Nurseries in St Albans

Day care nurseries provide care for young children up to the age of five years. Day care nurseries must do everything in their power to ensure each and every child has a happy, enjoyable and fulfilling time while in their care, giving them a great start in life and providing them with opportunities to learn new skills and understand more about themselves and the world through play and activity.

Are you looking for somewhere special to send your child for pre-school education? Have you struggled so far to find a day care nursery you like? A common enough predicament, but parents can trust that day nurseries who are rated by Ofsted as Outstanding have the facilities and the high standard of care which they are looking for.

Are you looking for a top day care nursery in St Albans? Look to Mount Carmel Kindergarten. We are an Ofsted outstanding provider of day care, and each and every child we take care of is given the support they need to thrive. We can provide the best kind of environment for your child: happy, safe, stimulating, where a love of activity and learning is promoted.