Outstanding Nurseries in Wheathampstead

Nursery school education should be about making the early years of a child’s life as rewarding, enjoyable and positive as possible. If children are allowed to thrive in a happy, safe, and stimulating environment then they too will be happy and stimulated, and it’s happy children who are successful learners. Likewise if a child feels safe and happy they will have more confidence to learn through new experiences and explore things otherwise unfamiliar to them.

What makes a nursery school not just a nursery school but an outstanding one? It’s perhaps striking the right balance between structure, learning and routine with freedom and liberty to explore and play. With this in mind, Mount Carmel Kindergarten uses its very own ‘carousel’ method of teaching, which allows children to experience new activities in small groups, each focusing on a different aspect of learning as laid down by The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

If you’re looking for outstanding nurseries in Wheathampstead and St Albans, why not find out more about us here at Mount Carmel Kindergarten? Each child is our first priority, and in striking the right balance between learning and play, each child can develop at his or her own pace in a happy and safe environment.