Ofsted Outstanding Preschool Harpenden

Every child deserves a good start in life, and every child deserves to be treated as an individual, with his or her own particular strengths and talents celebrated. Preschool is an important time for a child. It’s when a child first starts to interact with others, learns about the world and those around them, and is free to engage in a wide variety of activities.

The Ofsted inspection is as important for preschools as it is for secondary education institutions, but the primary focus of a preschool should be to ensure that each child is happy, healthy, safe, motivated to learn and try new things. Preschool staff should make a wide range of activities available, and these activities should provide stimulating challenges for all children.

Preschool is a starting point for children in terms of their general learning and development. It’s a crucial phase, and every child deserves to attend an outstanding preschool in which they will thrive under the guidance, kindness, support and supervision of excellent teachers and staff.

For parents in search of an outstanding preschool in Harpenden or in the St Albans area, why not turn to Mount Carmel Kindergarten?