Ofsted Outstanding Day Care

Nursery schools provide day care for children aged from a few weeks to those who are about to attend primary school. How early you choose to enrol your child in nursery school depends entirely on you and your family. Nursery school is geared to helping your child develop in the years ahead of primary school, providing a fun but safe environment in which your child can thrive and develop at their own individual pace.

When choosing which nursery school you’d like to send your child to, you need to consider the factors relevant to you and your family. Questions such as, will it be more convenient to send my child to a nursery near my place of work or nearer home, may arise. Naturally, you’ll want to know that the nursery school you choose has a good Ofsted record and provides Ofsted outstanding day care. For a nursery school to deliver it should be regarded as an Ofsted outstanding provider while creating a special environment that allows each and every child to flourish in their own way.

Here at Mount Carmel Kindergarten we’re proud to be regarded as an Ofsted outstanding provider of day care. Serving families throughout St Albans, if you’re searching for a day care nursery for your young one, we might just be what you’re looking for.