Ofsted Outstanding Day Care

Good quality care and education in the early years of a child’s life is vital, and each day care centre should aim to provide a creative, caring and happy environment for children to enjoy and learn in. Day care centres should have in place challenging and imaginative activities and a good range of resources to engage children.

Ofsted inspects and awards day care centres and nurseries as it does schools, and if you’re a parent looking for a nursery which offers high quality day care then an Ofsted outstanding day care centre is often your best option as you know the resources, the activities, and the staff are exceptional.

It can be a stressful and time-consuming business finding and choosing a nursery for your child. You will want to choose a place in which you think they will be happy, and you will want to choose a place where the activities are both wide-ranging and stimulating, and where the staff are superb. You may also want to know that your choice of day care nursery has an exemplary Ofsted record, providing Ofsted outstanding day care.

Based in St Albans, Mount Carmel Kindergarten is proud to be regarded as an Ofsted outstanding provider of day care. The quality of provision is excellent, while the high level of care we offer allows children to settle quickly and enjoy their learning.