Nursery School in Harpenden

Nursery school education works to encourage young children to learn and play while providing a place where they can develop and interact with others their own age. Nursery school should build on what a child learns at home and help prepare the child for primary school.

Children do not have to attend nursery school or have a pre-school education – it is up to the parents to decide whether they think nursery school is the right move for their child. It is generally considered helpful for a child to attend pre-school as this will better prepare them for life and work at primary school. Each child, however, is different, and nursery school may not be the best option for every child.

Are you looking for a nursery school to accommodate your child? Are you not sure which one to choose? The best way to make an informed decision is to visit the nursery school you’re interested in to see first-hand how it operates, to view the facilities, and to meet the staff. If you need a nursery school in Harpenden, why not come and meet us here at Mount Carmel Kindergarten? We can provide a safe and stimulating second home in which your child can thrive.