Looking For a Nursery School in Hatfield?

Each and every nursery school should aim to give each and every child that comes through the door the best start in life, creating a happy, friendly, accepting, and welcoming environment in which every child can thrive as an individual.

Nursery schools offer a non-compulsory stage of education to children in the years before they go to primary school. As a parent, if you would like your child to attend nursery school then you will be able to choose which nursery school you would like your child to attend, and your final decision will no doubt be made after considering a range of factors, including location of the nursery school and its facilities.

If you are looking for a nursery school in the Hatfield or St Albans area then Mount Carmel Kindergarten might prove suitable for both you and your child. Rated outstanding by Ofsted, we provide excellent facilities for children and have a clear focus on the importance of providing a warm, welcoming, and friendly environment for every single child, allowing each to flourish in their own unique way while in our care.