Children’s Nursery in Wheathampstead

Have you started the search for a nursery school for your child? Any child under the age of five can be enrolled in nursery school. Nursery school provides a young child with early learning experiences which allow them to develop socially and adapt to new situations. Children need to feel valued as individuals. They also need to develop certain skills, and feel happy in their relationships with those around them. At nursery school, children will be around other children their own age as well as adult staff. This helps them to learn how to interact with a variety of people of all ages, just as they will have to at primary school.

Every child is unique and every child develops in different ways and at different rates. The best children’s nurseries are those that recognise this fact and work to bring out the best in each and every child.

If you’re looking for a children’s nursery in Wheathampstead and the surrounding St Albans area then Mount Carmel Kindergarten is the nursery school for you. With Ofsted outstanding status, we can help ensure that your child gets the best start in life.