Children’s Nursery in St Albans

A children’s nursery should be a nurturing environment in which young children can learn about the world, learn about themselves, and learn about others. The interaction a child has in a day nursery will lay the foundation for the way in which he or she interacts with other children when at both primary and secondary school. Nursery school is the equivalent of the foundation stage for a child, and if a child thrives at nursery school then they are more likely to thrive at primary and secondary school.

Care and education should go hand in hand in a children’s nursery. The best day care nurseries will have a team of staff dedicated to providing each and every child with the best start in life. Is this what you’re looking for for your child? Of course it is, and you can find it at St Albans-based Mount Carmel Kindergarten.

As an Ofsted outstanding provider of day care, each and every child which passes through the nursery is given the kindness and support they need in order to thrive. We can provide the best kind of learning environment for your child.