Children’s Nursery in Hatfield

Children need to be stimulated and engaged, they need to be given free rein to express themselves and their own personalities from a young age, but they also need a certain amount of structure and routine in their lives to help them feel secure and safe. It’s important for the carers of children to try and strike the right balance between establishing structure and routine and allowing a child the freedom to play, have fun, learn, and enjoy themselves in the company of both adults and other children their own age.

A children’s nursery has an important role to play in the development of a child during its formative years. The children’s nursery which succeeds is one which is able to provide each child with the stability they need while allowing them to thrive in a stimulating environment.

Mount Carmel Kindergarten provides a secure, safe, happy and stimulating environment for your children. Based in St Albans, our nursery has been rated outstanding by Ofsted. Mount Carmel Kindergarten is concerned with providing the best standards of care and education. We want our nursery to be a home away from home for each child who comes through our door.