Looking for a Children’s Nursery in Harpenden?

When a child reaches the age of two or three they will have reached their Early Years Foundation Stage, and enrolling them in a children’s nursery is good preparation for them before they head off for school. There are many different types of children’s nurseries, those which are small and independently run, council-run nurseries, larger nurseries owned by corporations, and those affiliated to nearby schools. Each will offer something slightly different, but if you’re in the process of choosing a nursery for your child it’s important to choose a nursery that meets your needs and the needs of your family.

As a general rule, the success of a children’s nursery is dependent on the nature of the staff – it’s the confident, caring and friendly staff who make the difference to your child’s life – as well as how well the nursery is managed and run. If you’re looking for a children’s nursery in Harpenden for your child then the Mount Carmel Kindergarten team of staff will be able to offer what you’re looking for. We offer a fun-loving, stimulating, engaging, friendly and safe environment for your child, and are dedicated to getting it right for each and every child.