Children’s Nurseries in Harpenden

Children’s nurseries provide a safe and secure environment in which young children can thrive, form early friendships, and develop before the time comes when they are old enough to go to primary school. From an early age it’s important for children to be challenged and stimulated with activities which encourage them to discover more about themselves and the people around them. Activities should provide an educational base from which to build upon in later years.

It’s natural for parents to agonise over where to send their child for day care, but your decision will probably be made based on instinct or personal recommendation. When you visit a day care centre, it’s all about your first instincts; how you feel about a place, how positive your first impressions are, and how you feel about a place the following day when you’ve had time to think about it further.

If you’re looking for children’s nurseries in Harpenden or across the St Albans area, Mount Carmel Kindergarten can provide a happy, stimulating and friendly environment in which your child can reach their full potential. We’re proud of the standard of day care we offer, and are dedicated to ensuring each child feels happy and confident in their new surroundings