Children’s Nurseries in Harpenden

The earlier children learn to participate in activities, and do so in a proactive, cooperative manner with others their own age, the happier, more confident, and well-adjusted they will become. Each child is an individual and should be treated as such, and each will develop at their own pace, especially if they have the support and encouragement of a dedicated team of staff at their nursery school.

Children generally need routine in their lives. While at school, children will have to conform to some form of routine. Nursery school is useful to children as it ensures that they understand the importance of doing certain things at certain times of the day so that when they go into full-time education, that awareness will already be there and it won’t feel too foreign to them. Children’s nurseries provide excellent grounding for young children, allowing them to develop stronger social skills. Children also learn how to participate in activities and how to interact with other children their own age, making it easier to do so when they go on to attend primary school.

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