Mount Carmel Kindergarten Front

Mount Carmel Kindergarten is based in its own purpose built premises, designed as a traditional Norwegian log cabin.  It is divided into four activity rooms and a large all weather garden.  A unique feature of our nursery school is that throughout each session each group of children will carousel between the rooms, providing them with a broad range of learning opportunities.

We are located on Verulam playing fields which is green belt countryside.  This offers us regular opportunities for country walks, woodland activities and sporting events.  There is also large car park for parent parking.

Art Room

Mount Carmel Kindergarten Artroom 1200

The art room is focused on developing the children’s fine motor skills and creative expression.  Here the children choose from a range of activities such as mark making, cookery, threading and sewing, modelling, scissor skills, painting and using tools.  Many activities are planned around a chosen them, such as “In the night sky”, “The olden days” and “Around the world”.  Take a look at our weekly blog to find out more about our recent topics.

The room is set out with five tables with a different activity on each table and children are encouraged to choose what they want to do and move freely between the tables.  One table has an adult led activity, such as cooking, to provide additional support and learning opportunities.  In the warmer months, the learning extends into the garden for outside painting activities and waterplay.


Mount Carmel Kindergarten Playroom 1200

The playroom focuses on helping children to develop good social skills, such as sharing, taking turns and cooperating with each other.  Children develop their imagination through pretend play, building friendships and learning negotiation skills.

The playroom has a climbing loft, a book corner, a role play area and a wide assortment of toys including train sets, cars, small world play, dolls and puppets.  Children are free to choose what and where to play and the toys are freely accessible to them.

Staff are actively involved in the children’s play, finding a balance between direct involvement and quiet observation to facilitate assessment and planning.


Mount Carmel Kindergarten Classroom 1200

The classroom aims to promote children’s thinking skills and concentration.  The room is arranged with tables where children can move freely between, choosing from a range of puzzles, construction and games to promote skills.  Children are free to work individually or with their friends and learn to work alongside other children.

There is an adult led activity to promote literacy and mathematics using games and practical tasks.

In the children’s preschool year they will learn phonics, pre-reading skills and simple maths concepts.  Tables are removed for younger children and replaced with rugs to facilitate floor play.

The Gym

Mount Carmel Kindergarten Gym 1200

The gym is our largest room which is used to promote physical development and gross motor skills.  The children make use of large apparatus, such as climbing frames, ball pool, stepping stones etc.  Alternatively, the space is used for dancing, ball skills, show and tell, musical instruments and ring games.

Whole school assemblies take place daily in the gym when children sing together, listen to presentations from outside speakers and watch puppet shows.

The Garden

Mount Carmel Kindergarten Outside 1200

In the garden there is an all-weather artificial play lawn which is used throughout the year, in all seasons.  We recognise the importance of outside play in early child development and children are encouraged to play outside during every session, except in heavy rain or very cold weather.

Children are free to play with the swings, sandpit, play cottage and climbing tower.  In addition, there is a large range of outside play equipment such as tricycles, scooters, balls and hoops to encourage children to be active and develop social play skills.

Seasonal activities include planting seeds and bulbs, parachute games and water play.

Verulam fields

Being situated on a playing field provides us with regular opportunities for country walks, woodland activities and sports events.  In the summer term we hold a traditional sports day to which parents, friends and family are invited.  A highlight of this event is the mums and dads race!

Off site outings

Throughout the year there are a number of off-site activities including visits on foot to the Wick woodland on Sandpit Lane and Marshalswick Library.  In addition, we hold our annual nativity play at the hall at Homewood Road United Reformed Church.