The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Tiger girl

Our theme on stories old and new continued this week with the children looking stories about animals. From the Highway Rat to the Tiger Who Came To Tea, the children loved sharing their favourite stories with their friends and they tried on different costumes to act the stories out.

The animal stories continued with Mrs Federici telling the children made up stories based on Peter Rabbit and his adventures during this week’s assemblies. In this week’s cooking session they made delicious carrot cakes for him and his friends.

Literacy forms a big part of the nursery experience and during every session children take part in story telling, acting, singing and role-play. Many of these activities take place in the playroom where we have a large book display, comfy sofas and a home corner but over the next term we are planning on developing this further. The large wooden loft will be moved into the gym and the playroom will be transformed into what we will call the library. There will be a greater focus on books, puppet shows and imaginative play which will provide a nice contrast with the type of learning and play the children experience elsewhere in the nursery. We hope these changes will instil a love of books and stories that the children take with them to primary school and beyond.

We have a large collection of lost hats, gloves and scarfs in a red box in the hallway. Please take a look if you think your child may have lost something.

The next sound of the week will be ’i’ as in igloo, iguana and insect.



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