The Butterfly Effect

Butterfly child

Some of the most magical moments that children experience are provided by nature. This week the children got to witness the metamorphosis of our caterpillars into butterflies. For the past few weeks we have observed them grow from tiny insects and watched them as they created their chrysalises. By the end of the week the butterflies had all emerged and we released them into the garden for them to start a new adventure. As we enter the final half term it is a perfect time to reflect on the journey our preschoolers have taken and how they have transformed into confident and well rounded children ready for the next chapter in their lives.

The Summer has officially begun and many of the children and their families have been jet-setting around the world. We know this because we have received a number of postcards from exotic places including Florida, Mexico and Bognor Regis! We have a new display in the playroom which features a map of the world decorated with your postcards. This helps children develop an understanding of maps and geography and they have been excited to show their friends where they have been. For those of you with upcoming trips please bring back or send us a postcard so we can fill up our board with all the amazing places you are visiting.

One of the things I love about Mount Carmel is the fantastic families that really enhance our small community. This week one of our mums was kind enough to donate some funky vegetable plants including red sprouts, yellow courgettes, and stripy tomatoes that she had been growing at home with her daughter. Some of the children replanted these around our garden and will water them over the next few months.  Another parent has started an exciting community project called “St Albans Rocks” which is all about creating art and spreading happiness by painting rocks to hide around St Albans or wherever you may travel to. The goal is to encourage creativity, exploring and community and launches on 25th June at the St Albans Street Festival. You can find out more by visiting the St Albans Rocks Facebook page.

Next week the preschool children need to bring in shorts and a t-shirt for an activity preparing them for getting changed for P.E at school. The sound next week will be “Z” for Zoo.



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