Sweet treats

Sweet shop

The children couldn’t believe their luck this week when they discovered that Miss Natalie had set up a sweet shop in the classroom. They had to choose from a range of sweets, read the price and then count out the correct amount of pennies to pay Miss Natalie. As an experiment we included three Kinder Eggs for sale that cost 100p (and more than they could afford). Naturally, this was the first choice for most children and they learnt a valuable lesson that sometimes you may want something that you can’t afford.

This week, continuing with our theme of places, two mums teamed up to talk to the children about Brazil. They listened to Samba music, tasted some chocolate brigadeiros and learnt about the Amazon. One boy turned to Mrs Federici and said, ‘I know about this already. My Mummy’s got Amazon Prime!’

Next week we have three students from Beaumont School joining us for their work experience. Two of the students came to Mount Carmel Kindergarten over 10 years ago and it is lovely for us to see them grow from small children into young adults.

St Albans City and District Council have started an anti-idling campaign and drivers are being encouraged to switch off their engine whenever they are parked or stationary for more than a minute.  We notice that a number of the parents sit idling for various reasons – keeping aircon on or charging mobile phones etc, but it really affects air quality and the emissions enter our classrooms as well as pollute the carpark unnecessarily. According to health experts children and older people are most at risk from toxic air and so we are asking everyone to keep the carpark a “no idling” zone.

The sound for next week is ‘v’ for van.



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