Summer Sun

Garden sun

The sun was shining and the weather was sweet, marking a beautiful end to this half term.  The children enjoyed playing outside and many flocked to the water play to keep themselves cool.  It’s a good time to remind parents to leave a sunhat in your child’s bag and apply suncream before the session if it looks like it will be sunny.   We are fortunate to have a large tree which provides shade to a large proportion of the garden and we also have two canopies covering the water and outdoor reading areas.

This week we concluded our theme on transport and talked about animals which we can ride on.  Some of the children shared their experiences of donkey rides at the seaside and others remembered when Pickles the Pony came to visit.  In our cooking session the children made delicious gingerbread elephants and many of them were surprised to learn that elephants have been used to transport people and heavy equipment for hundreds of years.

This week we received an assortment of new toys to test from our partners at Fundamentally Children.  As an accredited Play Partner we test toys for the organisation which then forms part of their “Good Toy Guide” and all the toys we test are donated to the nursery for the children to enjoy.  This month we have received a selection of “Le Toy Van” toys including a wooden construction crane, a shopping trolley and a cafe.  On Friday the afternoon groups watched as I put together the cafe which came as a flat pack and a number of them were kind enough to ask if I needed any help!

The Government have recently published their Childcare Choices website which provides information to parents about the different options available to help with childcare costs.  These include the new 30 hours Early Years Entitlement funding and the Tax Free Childcare scheme.  The website will inform you what you may be entitled to but if you need any help or advice come and see me or Mrs Federici.

After half term our topic will be places and we are inviting parents to come in and talk to the preschool children about countries they have visited or grew up in. If you would like to do this please let us know.  The next sound of the week will be “B” for bat.



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