One a penny, two a penny

Hot cross buns

This week was the last week of term and many of the children were excited about the upcoming Easter break. To their great delight the Easter Bunny made a surprise visit on Thursday and was chased around the garden until she handed over some chocolate eggs. Some of the children were convinced it was “just Miss Thompson dressed up”, but were bamboozled when the Easter bunny returned in the afternoon and gave Miss Thompson her very own egg!

In the art room this week our younger children took part in a bubble blowing activity. To many this could just look like child’s play but it is a highly effective way of developing children’s speech, as to get a good bubble they have to be able to form their mouth into the right shape. It is evident that the children who are more developed in their speech are better at blowing bubbles than those who aren’t and it is an activity encouraged by speech and language therapists…it’s also great fun!

The children got very busy in Friday’s baking session and transformed the nursery with the sweet aroma of the hot cross buns. Many do not know that the hot cross bun is believed to have originated from St Albans, where Brother Thomas Rocliffe, a 14th Century monk at St Albans Abbey, developed a similar recipe called an ‘Alban Bun’ and distributed the bun to the local poor on Good Friday, starting in 1361.

We have a slightly peculiar request for frogspawn which we would love to look after so the children can watch them grow and turn into frogs. If you have a pond that has any frogspawn in please let us know and we would be happy to come and collect it.

We wish everyone a very happy Easter and look forward to seeing those of you attending our holiday club.

The sound after Easter will be ‘d’ for dog.



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