One Man’s Trash

Junk modelling

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Your recycled rubbish was worth its weight in gold this week and put to good use by the children during the junk modelling sessions. Their imaginations were let loose and the art room was soon filled with magical fairy castles, hulk fists and flying houses. There was even a sailing ship fit for the ocean complete with life rafts that would put the titanic to shame! It was fascinating to observe the children becoming engrossed in the modelling activity and watching them embrace their creativity.  We want to repeat this activityity again later in the term so please continue to bring in things for us to use. Each group uses a massive amount of resources and the more variety we have the better.

The recycling didn’t stop there! With an Italian husband Mrs Federici goes through more cans of chopped tomatoes than you could ever imagine. Fortunately the tin cans are perfect to make mini drums when covered with a balloon and elastic band. During our assemblies the children have been using these drums to learn about rhythm and beat in time with the music.

Sadly we found a fox that had died in the garden bushes and our gardner was called out to remove it. Many of the children saw the fox being taken away which prompted discussions about death. The death of an animal is an excellent opportunity to start talking about life and death as it is important that children become aware that it is part of our life experience. One child said “I won’t die because I will be too fast and it won’t be able to catch me!”.

The Sainsburies Active Kids voucher scheme is coming to an end very soon. Please bring in any vouchers that you may have lying around the house as we will be sending them off for a range of sports and cooking equipment.

Next week’s sound is “o” for orange.



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