Mother’s Day Surprise

Mother and son

There was love in the air this week in the run up to Mother’s Day.  The children were all enthusiastic to create hand made cards to surprise their Mummy’s and it is great to see how many of the preschool children could write their names independently.  Many children talked about where they would hide their cards at home in readiness for Sunday.  However, there was less enthusiasm for giving away the coffee cakes they made on Friday, with a number of children suggesting that they should eat the cakes themselves because “my Mummy doesn’t like cake”.  One grateful Dad let it slip that he had forgotten that it is Mother’s day this weekend and thanked us for the tip off!


Max Spooner – born today at 10am weighing 8lbs 1oz

The anticipation was building all week with Mrs Spooner’s baby due to be be born at any time.  On Friday we had the news that labour had started and after an exhausting two days she gave birth to baby Max on Sunday morning.  Both Mum and Baby are doing well and for Mrs Spooner this will be a Mother’s Day that she will never forget.

On Tuesday the children said goodbye to our Italian exchange student Federica who has been with us since October.  She joined us to improve her English but leaves with many happy memories.  We now have a student, Olivia, from Oaklands College helping out over the next few months as part of her Level 3 qualification.

We are always impressed with the wide variety of objects that the preschool children bring in for Thursday’s show and tell session.  This week one girl brought  in her pet hamster much to the excitement of her friends.  With the sound being “r” her teacher asked her to tell the group why she had brought it in, to which she answered “because it is a rodent and his name is Runaway!”  Luckily, Runaway didn’t live up to his name and spent the day entertaining the children from the safety of his cage.  In the afternoon, one child decided to make a hamster maze out of the magnetic squares and was thrilled when Runaway tested it out for real.

The art room focuses on developing the children’s creativity and fine motor skills, both of which will be essential at school when they begin to write fictional stories.  This week we introduced them to weaving using netting and an assortment of different materials and objects.  All of the children contributed to a weaved collage tapestry on display in the hall. We were pleased with how much they enjoyed the activity and how they thoughtfully selected the materials and threaded them into the holes.

Next week is the last week of term (where did the time go?!).  Holiday Club confirmation emails will be sent out this week and there are a few places remaining if you wish to book on.

Next week’s sound is “m” as in Max Spooner!



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