Making waves


The glorious sunshine this week had many of us dreaming about long days beside by the seaside.  This inspired our new Summer board in the art room which features a beach scene complete with holiday makers in a variety of different swimming costumes.  The children enjoyed decorating the beach with real sand, making waves with cotton wool and creating costumes out of different types of materials.   

You may have heard your child reciting a song about eggs walking round on legs, bread standing on its head and bananas wearing pink pyjamas! This nursery favourite has been taken from a wartime song called “The Quartermaster’s Store” which we have changed the lyrics to “St Albans Market Stalls”.

Next week we will be kick starting our Mary’s Meals Backpack Appeal. This is the fifth year that we are taking part in this very worthwhile appeal which involves filling a child’s backpack with the basic thing things they need for school. Not only does this project benefit so many under privileged children across the world but it also helps our own children learn what it means to think about other people and try to help them.  Parents will receive a letter next week explaining what you need to do to join in with this campaign.

We have been very impressed with the preschoolers ability to get dressed during our P.E. kit challenge this week.  Most of the children were able to quickly and confidently take off their uniform and put of their P.E. kits which will be an essential skill when they go to school in September.

In Tuesday’s cookery session the children transformed the nursery with one of the greatest aromas known to man – garlic bread! They all helped knead and roll the dough before spreading on the garlic butter and sprinkling it with cheese.

Next week’s sound is “w” for wind.



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