Making a splash

Origami boat

As our theme on transport draws to an end we turned to the sea to talk about vehicles that float.  On Tuesday we experienced the hottest day of the 2017 and the younger children took to the outdoor water play to keep cool and experiment with things that sink and float.  On Wednesday, however, we saw heavy downpours and many of the preschool children got to test out whether the origami boats they made stood up to the elements.

On Friday a determined Mrs Federici pushed ahead with the rescheduled walk to the Wick.  Fortunately the rain eased off once they had set off from the nursery and the children enjoyed splashing around in the muddy puddles which were left over.  To their surprise they found two ducks enjoying a swim in a newly formed pond whilst exploring the woodland.

The children were visited by baby Max this week and Mrs Spooner gave a demonstration of how she gives him a bath.  Many of the children were keen to help and offered to pour water over him. We joked that having a bath in front of dozens of children is a right of passage for all babies born into the Federici family, but for Max he seemed happy for all the attention he received.

In our cooking session this week the children made their very own play dough which they were able to keep and take home.  Just like bread, play dough is made by following a simple recipe and can provide children with endless amounts of fun at very little cost.  At Mount Carmel we always make our own as it lasts much longer than the commercially available version and it is one of the most popular activities in the nursery.  The best recipe we have found requires no cooking and can be found here –

There is only one week to go before our Pirates and Mermaids half term holiday club.  There are a few spaces remaining for mornings or full days so please get in touch if you wish to make a booking for your child.

Next week’s sound is “F” for fish.



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