Let it snow

Snow penguins

With the temperature dropping over the past two weeks we were all counting down the days to the big freeze! On Friday morning, we awoke to a winter wonderland with the snow making the nursery school look like an Alpine Ski Lodge. The children had a wonderful time in the garden building snowmen, making snow angels and having snowball fights with their friends.  The frosty fun didn’t end there as we brought the snow inside on our messy table in the art room and turned it into a penguin playground!

Porridge played a prominent part in recent activities, inspired from the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children were able to get messy with dry oats and sticky porridge and they made delicious oat biscuits in their cooking session.  Many of the children found it just as fun to sweep up the oaty floor at the end of the session and took turns with the brush and pan.

In the preschool year we incorporate a number of activities which are designed to gently prepare the children for their transition to primary school. This includes time each day at Miss Natalie’s table in the classroom where they work on handwriting, maths skills and phonics. These fun tasks are great at building the children’s concentration and cooperation with an adult and develops a love of classroom based learning.

We have had a couple of parents coming in to read books last week during our preschool circle time sessions. The children have really enjoyed this and put on their best listening ears when listening to their favourite stories. If you wish to take part in this please arrange a date with your child’s group leader.



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