Ferrari Fever!


When a child asked me if he could bring in his “horsey car” for show and tell I was imagining something with four legs pulling a carriage.  The children were in for a treat when it turned out that he meant his Dad’s Ferrari! They loved the loud engine and convertible roof and many remarked they wanted to buy one when they were older.  The transport theme rolled on when we had a special delivery of bark for the garden on Thursday. The children came outside as the lorry arrived and watched as it used the crane to lift it over the fence and lower it into the garden, to which the children all cheered and clapped!

This week a child was talking about their recent holiday to Norfolk and was overheard saying that she went “glamping”. A confused Mrs B asked her “do you mean camping?”.  “No!” she insisted, “I mean glamping!”. Later in the term we will be making a display of all the different places that the children have visited. If you are going camping, glamping or anywhere else on holiday this term on in the holidays then please send or bring back a postcard for the board.

On Wednesday we were visited by Mr Vandewalle from St. Albans High School for Girls. Over the years we have sent many children on to the High School and they recently reached out to us to develop better links.  One of the strengths of their school is science teaching and they wanted to share this with us and our children.  Mr Vandewalle did a science experiment with the children looking at static electricity. For this the children used dusting cloths and rulers to create an electric charge which made caused their tissue paper snakes to dance.  Many of the children were amazed by this with one asking whether it was a magnet!

Children often talk about the things they would like to do or be when they are older and Mrs Beechey was asking them about their ideas. To her surprise one girl said “I want to be a Youtuber!”. When asked what they do she replied, “They just get to play games all day!”.

Next week’s sound is “u” for umbrella.



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