A flippin’ good week

Pancake day

The thing about making pancake jokes is that they often fall flat! Fortunately the children didn’t have to listen to lots of crêpe jokes when we celebrated pancake day a week early due to it falling during half term. They came dressed in an assortment of fantastic costumes which set the tone for a fun filled day. The teachers also got dressed up and there was a range of fairytale characters and superheroes. Mrs Federici had prepared her best pancake mixture for the children to watch her pour into a hot pan and flip them as high as she could.  They then enjoyed the tasty treats for snack covered in an assortment of different toppings.

Valentine’s day also happens to fall in half term so this week the preschool children have been busy preparing for the big day by creating painted canvasses for someone they love. Our younger children got creative too by making valentine’s cards and heart prints and we asked many of them to think about what love means. Our hearts melted when one girl told us that love is “when Mummy gives me hugs and kisses and chocolate!”

Next week is half term and we are looking forward to hosting our Safari themed holiday club. Whilst we aren’t expecting temperatures like the Serengeti we are planning lots of adventures for the children throughout the week.

The next sound of the week is N.



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