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Motorbike nursery

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, no one can deny that motorbikes are the coolest machines on the road.  This week the children were treated to a visit by an iconic Japanese supersport motorbike, they learned about it’s controls and tried on some of the protective clothing bikers wear to keep them safe.  Some of the children wanted to sit on the bike and they stretched as far as they could reach to hold onto the handlebars.

On Wednesday and Thursday two of our preschool groups went on a walk to the wick, accompanied by parents and teachers.  This has been a Mount Carmel tradition since we moved to Sandpit Lane in 1991.  The children spotted the last of the bluebells and impressed us as many of them knew they these flowers should not be picked.  On the way to the Wick Mrs Federici picked a dandelion clock from someone’s front lawn.  To her surprise the child walking next her told her off and said “you must not pick flowers from other people’s gardens!”  The Wick is a magical urban woodland with small trails, bridges and open spaces.  The children noticed a dried up riverbed and pond and many were aware that it was dry because there has not been enough rain.  We were surprised to see a large number of dogs in the Wick as our walk coincided with a local dog walking group.  Both the children and dogs behaviour was impeccable, which meant everyone was able to enjoy the natural surroundings and none of the children were upset.  Unfortunately, the walk was cancelled for the Buttercup group due to the forecast of rain on Friday so this has been rescheduled for next Friday.

In our cooking session this week the children made traffic light biscuits complete with red, yellow and green smarties.  The children explained what the different colours meant and were asked to choose smarties to correspond with the traffic lights.  A number of the girls decided to reinvent theirs by choosing red, purple and pink instead, but we are not sure if this will ever catch on with the Department for Transport.

A number of Primary Schools have visited us in the past few weeks to meet the children that will be joining them in September.  We have many more scheduled to come over the course of the term.  The children have been excited to meet their new teachers and their teachers have been learning about their interests and nursery experiences.  These visits are very valuable in helping the children make a successful transition to school and most schools make the time to arrange these with us.  Later in the term we will be having our own transition sessions with the younger groups meeting their teacher for the next academic year.  Most of the children will already be familiar with these teachers having seen them around in the nursery, but it will give the parents an opportunity to meet them formally ahead of the new term.

Next week’s sound is “L” for lollypop.



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