Book worms

Lots of books

We have kicked off the new term with a new theme of “Stories: Old and New”. The children have been sharing their favourite stories with us during circle time sessions and it’s clear that many of them already have a love of reading. We have been lucky to have a number of the preschool parents come in to read books to the group and we will be continuing to do this for the rest of the term.

Classic children stories have also played a big part in our recent activities and children have been making masks, painting pictures and creating scenes from their favourite books.

A number of groups have tried their hand at acting, enthused by their recent Nativity success. During their gym session the children have taken part in performances of The Billy Goats’ Gruff, The Gingerbread Man and The Three Little Pigs. We have been very pleased to see how these activities have boosted the children’s confidence and been impressed by a number of children who volunteered to take on particular roles.

This term we begin our phonics programme with the preschool children and they have been learning new songs and talking about different sounds. We appreciate the effort that parents go to in providing items for show and tell based on the sounds of the week as we are always surprised with the range of things that come in. One parent has been going the extra mile by filling their child’s lunchbox with artistic food creations all beginning with the sound of the week!

In other news, the building work at our new nursery school ‘Sandpit House’ has been progressing steadily with the playroom, classroom and art room all nearing completion. Work on the new gym and garden will be starting in the next few weeks and we will put up some pictures when it’s looking more like a nursery and less like a building site. We are also in the process of completely redeveloping the nursery website, which will have lots of information about the new nursery so check back here is a few weeks time.



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