A bone to pick


This week was all about bodies and the children were excited to meet Bob, our very own life sized skeleton! In the Artroom the children made pictures by piecing together the different parts of a body, although some of the skeletons looked as though they had fallen down the stairs!

The children loved using a light box to look at X-rays and compare the pictures of different bones with those on the skeleton. Some observant children noticed that the skeleton did not have ears or a nose which led to them asking the names of the different bones.  One group managed to behead our skeleton friend but fortunately he didn’t require any complex surgery – just a few screws in the back of his neck!

The theme of the week was also used to talk about healthy eating and the preschool children loved sharing and tasting the food which they brought in for show and tell.  We were impressed with their understanding of healthy foods and the wide range that they could name.  In their cookery session the children made chocolate brownies and whilst they were not particularly heathy, they were absolutely delicious!

Next week our theme is senses and the item for show and tell is something that smells.



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