The Beast From The East

Snow nursery

We were promised blizzards, strong winds, drifting snow and bitter cold as the Beast from the East took hold of the Country. St Albans missed out on the worse of last week’s bad weather and there was minimal disruption to the children’s fun at nursery.  By Thursday afternoon we were feeling rather smug with ourselves that the week had gone without a hitch, particularly amid reports that several schools had closed due to the snow. The smiles were wiped from our faces when closing the nursery on Thursday evening when we discovered water pouring out from the nursery boiler.  Our plumber arrived within the hour and gave us the bad news that it was beyond repair.  Fortunately he was able to install a new boiler the next morning, and with the help of a number of electric heaters the nursery felt warmer than ever.  The children had a slightly different routine on Friday as the classroom was out of bounds for plumber to work but they all adapted well to the changes and were interested to see what was going on.

In Wednesday’s cooking session we opted for a hearty vegetable soup to warm us all up.  The children chopped up a range of vegetables including carrots, cabbage, potatoes, onions and a butternut squash.  One child told Mrs Federici that he knew all about butternuts and that “if you squeeze it you will get orange squash!”  It was lovely to see how much more confident they were at using the knives and scissors compared to the last time we did this activity.  Mrs Federici cooked the veg overnight for the children to enjoy for snack on Thursday morning.

Many thanks to all those who have brought in books for our library.  The children have loved looking through the ever expanding collection.  This week we have put in new felt boards in the library and started to install a framed art gallery along the back wall.  We will upload some photos once all the work is complete

Next week we will be handing out funding forms for all those parents with children over the age of 3.  These forms will need to be signed at nursery and enable us to claim the Early Years Entitlement funding for those parents entitled to it.  If you have any questions about these forms or the funding please come and speak to one of the management team.

Next week’s sound is E for elephant and egg.



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