Autumn Leaves


Autumn has well and truly arrived and as the temperature dropped so to did the leaves on our giant beech tree in the garden.   The children mucked in to sweep up the leaves, collect them in wheelbarrows and piling them into houses for hedgehogs.  Not surprisingly their hard work was quickly undone when they realised that it was much more fun to jump in the piles and throw the leaves in their air! Autumn leaves were also used to create a variety of different artwork including leaf rubbing and pressing.

Many of the children have been excited to tell us about their plans to watch fireworks over the weekend.  Our younger children made their own firework pictures using toilet rolls with one end cut into lots of thin strands.

We have commenced our nativity rehearsals this week and the children have begun learning the songs for their play in December.  We have been trailing out children in various parts and we will be sending out letters soon so that you can start preparing their costumes.  Already many of them are showing great promise and we are sure that they will put on a show to remember.

Order forms for the school photographs have all been given out and the deadline to return these is this Friday 10th November.  Orders made after this date will be subject to a surcharge and will not be processed before Christmas.

IMG-20171105-WA0005Finally, I am delighted to announce the arrival of a new baby Federici.  He was born at 8.57am today and weighed a substantial 9lbs 13oz. Both Mum and baby are doing great and we are looking forward to bringing him home tomorrow.

Next week’s theme is woodland animals and the item for show and tell is a picture/figurine/soft toy of a woodland animal.



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